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Student Highlight - Alleigh Dillman

About Alleigh Dillman

From: Washington, IN

Class of 2022 | Majors: French and Business Administration

Advice for fellow students: "Get close with your professors because a lot of people are scared and don’t talk to them but they’re all really helpful and want us to succeed. If you don’t take the step to establish a good relationship with your professors, you might miss out on the resources they could provide to help further the future of your career."

Alleigh pictured with one of her favorite works in the Liberal Arts Center

In the College of Liberal Arts every member of our faculty and staff and each of our students play an important role in the College’s success. Alleigh Dillman happens to fit into two of those categories: student and staff. Alleigh, a current sophomore, works in the College of Liberal Arts as a Liberal Arts Assistant. In this position she makes package runs to other buildings, delivers faculty mail, informs Dean Beeby of meetings, and helps students and other staff with their everyday tasks.

In addition to her role in Liberal Arts Alleigh is majoring in both French and Business Administration. When asked about why she chose these majors Alleigh talked about how she has been practicing French for six years and described it as “second nature." Alleigh knew she would pursue French in college because it is one of her passions but she wanted to combine it with something she knew would add to her marketability, leading to discovering the business administration major. Alleigh sees many career options in her future once she graduates from USI and she is currently considering going into international business, accounting, or business law.

Whenever she’s not busy with classes or work, Alleigh enjoys all things outdoorsy, ASMR videos, Netflix binges, and dancing... especially for USI’s Dance Marathon.

What is unique about the College of Liberal Arts?

“How accepting people are here." Alleigh has a tattoo and was pleasantly surprised to find out that others working in the College (including many professors!) have them, too. She appreciates how people in the College of Liberal Arts aren’t so worried about your appearance but more concerned with who you are and what skills you can provide.

Best USI Memory

So far, Alleigh’s best memory at USI was when she covered the opening of USI’s arena as a journalist for The Shield. While there, she met Dr. Rochon who gave her hug, took a picture with her, and complimented her glasses.

Written by Leah Flake

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