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Student Highlight - Brandon Carrington

Brandon Carrington with Mario and Minnie Mouse

About Brandon Carrington

Class of 2020

Major: English, Emphasis in Creative Writing

Minor: History

Right: Brandon in New York City's Time Square during a trip to perform at Carnegie Hall in May 2019

Brandon Carrington has worked in the College of Liberal Arts front office for around three years. You may have seen him performing with the USI Choir in their annual Madrigal Feaste or on stage during President Rochon's Inauguration. When he isn't running games of Dungeons and Dragons for his roommates and friends, he is creating his own superheroes and crafting new worlds in stories of his own.

Our writer, Brandon Hartman, sat down with Brandon Carrington for a quick Q&A.

Dream job: Accomplished Author

Favorite color: Black

Hobbies: Writing, singing, and listening to music.

Something that makes you sad: Not being able to help other people

3 adjectives that best describe you: Creative, Friendly, Loud

Organizations: University of Southern Indiana Chamber Choir

Special talents: I can drop my voice octave to something much deeper.

How old would you have to live until you truly believed you were immortal? Long enough to see my future books published

Interviewed by Brandon Hartman

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