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Spring 2021

Woman lying on magazine pagesWoman.
Art exhibition by Efroymson Bridge Year Fellow Megan Thorne '19

McCutchan Art Center/Pace Galleries

February 8 through March 5

Virtual exhibition opens on January 19

USI Veg Club presents One Small Cut

One Small Cut poster

How can one small change impact your whole life? Join our discussion and find out.

Speakers: Tai Rickets, Mary Lyn Stoll, Crystal Steltenpohl

Zoom ID: 960 2680 8487

Community and Civil Discourse: Perspectives from the Liberal Arts
Speaker series sponsored by the USI Communications Department and the College of Liberal Arts

Session 1: Information, Misinformation, and Disinformation
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25  (7:00 p.m.) | Zoom ID: 912-9409-2725

  • “Your Attention, Please: The Use (and Misuse) of Media to Inform, Entertain, and Influence You” - Ms. Erin Gibson, Instructor of Journalism
  • “Understanding the Connection Between Ethics, Truth, and the Right to Free Speech" - Dr. Mary Lyn Stoll, Associate Professor of Philosophy 
  • “Critical Thinking: A Tool Against Misinformation, Disinformation, and Conspiracy Theories” - Dr. Srikanth Dandotkar, Assistant Professor of Psychology 
  • “RE: RE: FWD: FWD: FWD: Distrust and Alternate Realities” - Dr. Nicholas LaRowe, Associate Professor of Political Science

Session 2: Mobs, Mobility, and Mobilization
THURSDAY, MARCH 4  (7:00 p.m.) | Zoom ID: 912-9409-2725

  • “Rally, Riot, Revolt or Coup? Insights from Social Movement Research” - Dr. Andrew Buck, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • “The Confluence of Conspiracies and the Danger to Our Democracy” -  Dr. Todd Schroer, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 
  • “From Deer Hunting with Jesus to the Rise of Political Tribalism: The Failure of Political Communication” - Dr. Mary Hallock Morris, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • "Can Political Violence Ever Be Justified?: A Plea for Consistency" - Dr. Rocco Gennaro, Professor of Philosophy

Session 3: Ethics, Justice, Reasoning
THURSDAY, MARCH 11  (7:00 p.m.) | Zoom ID: 912-9409-2725

  • "Ethical Communication is Not Only Personal, It's Interpersonal." - Dr. Sally Vogl-Bauer, Associate Professor of Communication Studies
  • “When a Bully is in the Bully Pulpit: Applying Social Responsibility & Virtue Ethics in Journalism to Trump-Era Challenges” - Dr. Chad Tew, Associate Professor of Journalism
  • Cooking Curries for Change: Four Desi Food Blogs, Cyberactivism, & the Transnational Public Sphere” - Dr. Sukanya Gupta, Associate Professor of English
  • “Battle for the Ballot: The Long Fight for Women’s Suffrage” - Dr. Denise Lynn, Associate Professor of History 

Session 4: Aesthetics, Transformations, Interventions
THURSDAY, MARCH 18  (7:00 p.m.) | Zoom ID: 912-9409-2725

  • "Unquiet Earth: Memorial, Transformation and Bearing Witness to the Lynching Tree in Bryan Stevenson's Legacy Museum" - Mr. Kevin Allton, Instructor of English
  • "Buero Vallejo and the Curative Power of Metaphor in Spain's Time of Silence” - Dr. David Hitchcock, Professor of Spanish
  • “The Monumental Shift in Memorial Design: How Maya Lin’s Vietnam Memorial Altered the Discourse of Collective Remembering” - Ms. Sara Christensen Blair, Professor of Art
  • “Performance Art as Intervention” - Dr. Lindsay Greer, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
  • “Songs in Time of Need” - Mr. Dan Craig, Associate Professor of Music 

For more information or should you require disability-related accommodations in order to participate, please contact Dr. Leigh Anne Howard, Chair, Department of Communications

Liberal Arts Faculty Colloquium


A Medieval Mystery: The Old English Alliterative Verse

February 26 at 3 p.m. CST

presented by Dr. David O'Neil

Zoom ID: 918 6960 8775

USI Psychology Club presents

Easter Seals Info Night

Guest Speaker Josselinne Torres from Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center will be talking to Psych Club on what services the Center offers and how students can become involved. This is a great networking opportunity for all majors!

Wednesday, March 3 at 6:30 PM

Zoom ID: 944-9877-3600

Save the Date

Lawrence Library Exhibits

Now on display: Hellenistic Krater: Examination of an Artifact and A Global Phenomenon: Religion

Medieval Christian painting

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