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Closeup of the Greek Krater

Hellenistic Krater and A Global Phenomenon: Religion

Hellenistic Krater: Examination of an Artifact

This poster and artwork exhibit is the culmination of the Fall 2019 Art History 323 course, "Ancient Greek Art." In the course, students focused their research efforts on the Lawrence Library's Greek Krater.

Explore the history, iconography, and the artistic process behind this ancient antiquity.

Infographic poster series by Art History class

A Global Phenomenon: Religion

Throughout the world and throughout time, many critical events have happened such as the creation of empires, wars that pillaged, inventions that changed the world... yet one phenomenon remains intact: religion.

Christian religious artwork

The exhibits on display showcase a selection of Eastern Hemisphere religious artifacts and texts that range from the ancient thoughts of Buddhism, the branches of Christianity, and to the life way of hinduism.

This exhibition was curated by Student Archivist, Stephanie R. Folz, pictured below.

Stephanie Folz fixing an object in a case  Stephanie Folz next to an Egyptian mask

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