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Degrees and Programs

The Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition, Policy and Culture (MASPC) degree includes three emphasis areas.

Students are required to complete 30 credit hours in order to earn the MASPC.

The following course, counting for 3 credit hours of the program, is required of all MASPC students:

  • WLC 611 - Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)
  • WLC 699 - Comprehensive Oral Exam and Thesis (3-6 credits)

The program includes two embedded certificate programs in TESOL and Cultural Awareness Training (CAT).  

Second Language Acquisition emphasis
Language Policy emphasis
Culture Studies emphasis

Embedded Certifications

Students may obtain Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) certification and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification as part of the master's degree program, regargless of the emphasis area chosen.

The 3-credit CAT certification is a required course for students in the culture studies emphasis but can be taken by students in other emphases for elective credit. TESOL certification counts for 6 hours of elective credit.

Students who completed TESOL and cultural awareness certificates at the undergraduate level are required to select electives at the graduate level.

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