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Second Language Acquisition

Coursework for the Second Language Acquisition emphasis of the Master of Arts in Second Language Acquisition, Policy and Culture (MASPC) will examine the process by which people learn a second language.

Second language acquisition, often abbreviated to SLA, also refers to the scientific discipline devoted to studying that process and the teaching methodologies to acquire a second language.

Total credit hours to complete degree: 30

Embedded Certifications:

Open to undergraduate students. 

Required Course
This course is required of all MASPC students.
Credit Hours Term Offered
WLC 611 - Second Language Acquisition 3 Fall
Emphasis Courses
Credit Hours Term Offered
WLC 612 - Technology and Second Language Acquisition 3 Spring
WLC 613 - Language Assessment 3 Spring
Elective Courses
Credit Hours Term Offered
COMM 615 - Communication and Culture * 3 Fall
COMM 616 - Performance in Social Context
COMM 620 - Special Topics in Communication Studies * 3 Spring
ENG - 672 - World Literature 
WLC 522 - Cultural Awareness Training Certificate (CAT) 3 Summer
WLC 523 - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate (TESOL) 6 Summer
EDUC 590 - Special Topics in Education * 3 Summer
PA 644 - Policies and Processes in the Public Sector * 3 Spring
WLC 660 - Practicum, Internship, Instructional Support 1-6 Fall, Spring, Summer
WLC 690 - Practicum, Internship, Instructional Support in Second Language Acquisition, Policy, and Culture 3 Fall, Spring
WLC 699 - Comprehensive Oral Exam and Thesis 3-6 Fall, Spring, Summer
* Students must obtain approval of the MASPC director to enroll in these courses.
Optional Coursework
Students for whom English is not a native language may take Intensive English courses in addition to the 30 credits required for the master's degree.

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