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Second Language Acquisition

All students will take coursework in Second Language Acquisition, an area which examines the process by which people learn a second language.

Second language acquisition, often abbreviated to SLA, also refers to the scientific discipline devoted to studying that process and the teaching methodologies to acquire a second language.

Total credit hours to complete degree: 30

Embedded Certifications:

Open to undergraduate students. 

Required Course
This course is required of all MASPC students.
Credit Hours Term Offered
WLC 611 - Second Language Acquisition 3 Fall
Emphasis Courses
Credit Hours Term Offered
WLC 612 - Technology and Second Language Acquisition 3 Spring
WLC 613 - Language Assessment 3 Spring
Elective Courses
Credit Hours Term Offered
COMM 615 - Communication and Culture * 3 Fall
COMM 616 - Performance in Social Context
COMM 620 - Special Topics in Communication Studies * 3 Spring
ENG - 672 - World Literature 
WLC 522 - Cultural Awareness Training Certificate (CAT) 3 Summer
WLC 523 - Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate (TESOL) 6 Summer
EDUC 590 - Special Topics in Education * 3 Summer
PA 644 - Policies and Processes in the Public Sector * 3 Spring
WLC 660 - Practicum, Internship, Instructional Support 1-6 Fall, Spring, Summer
WLC 690 - Special Topics 3 Fall, Spring
WLC 699 - Comprehensive Oral Exam and Thesis 3-6 Fall, Spring
* Students must obtain approval of the program director in these areas to enroll in these courses.
Optional Coursework
Students for whom English is not a native language may take Intensive English courses in addition to the 30 credits required for the master's degree.

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