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Program Curriculum

Master of Arts in Communication Curriculum

The program is comprised of 36 credit hours (12 courses) of coursework leading to a Master of Arts degree. A total of 15 hours of course work (five courses) is required; an additional 21 hours (seven courses) must be taken from a selection of elective course offerings.  View a complete list of all courses and descriptions.

Required Coursework (15 hours)

Theory Requirement (3 hours)

Methodology and Inquiry Requirement (6 hours)

Thesis/Capstone or Non-thesis Option (6 hours)

Select only one:

Elective Coursework (21 hours)

Type of Degree

Students who complete the program are awarded the Master of Arts in Communication degree. There are no distinctions in the name or prestige of the degree according to the thesis, capstone, or non-thesis options.

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