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Dual Credit English Teaching Certificate

The Dual Credit English Teaching Certificate is intended for area teachers who already possess a Master’s Degree but need an additional 18 credit hours in graduate English classes in order to teach dual credit English classes, such as those offered through USI’s College Achievement Program (CAP).

According to Higher Learning Commission (HLC) guidelines, teachers of dual credit classes must have a Master's Degree with a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the subject area in which they teach.

The Dual Credit English Teaching Certificate program is comprised of eighteen 18 credit hours of coursework.

Students must enroll in at least one of the following pedagogical courses (3-6 hours):

  • ENG 644: Teaching Literature
  • ENG 646: Teaching Composition

ENG 644 is advised for those who would like to teach dual-credit literature courses, and ENG 646 is advised for those who plan to teach dual-credit composition courses. Students may take both classes if they desire.

Students may enroll in any of the following electives (12-15 hours):

  • ENG 599: Seminar in Literature and Language
  • ENG 603: Introduction to English Scholarship
  • ENG 609: Seminar in Creative Writing
  • ENG 612: Rhetorical Theory
  • ENG 615: The History of Rhetoric
  • ENG 616: Advanced Academic Writing
  • ENG 617: Professional and Technical Writing
  • ENG 618: Public Digital Rhetorics
  • ENG 624: British Literature of the Middle Ages
  • ENG 626: British Literature of the Early Modern Period
  • ENG 628: British Literature of the Long-18th and 19th Centuries
  • ENG 632: American Literature to the Civil War
  • ENG 634: American Literature from the Civil War to the Present
  • ENG 642: Teaching Creative Writing
  • ENG 672: World Literature
  • ENG 674: Women Writers
  • ENG 676: Contemporary Literature
  • ENG 679: Literary Theory

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