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Scholarships and Grants

Graduate Studies Graduate Assistants. Students admitted to the MAE program and enrolled in at least six graduate credit hours per semester may qualify for a limited number of graduate assistantships through the Office of Graduate Studies. In addition to pursuing a formal program of graduate study, a graduate assistant performs professional duties and assumes responsibilities commensurate with his/her educational background and experience. A graduate assistant receives a fee waiver and is paid wages for work performed.

Information about Graduate Assistantships can be found on the Graduate Studies website at:

Many of these graduate assistantships are housed in non-academic units around the campus.

University Scholarships and Grants. Graduate Student Scholarships and Grants are intended to offset the costs associated with graduate education such as tuition, fees, and books purchased at the USI bookstore. Amounts of awards vary from semester-to-semester and year-to-year based on budget allotments and enrollments. Eligible students must be enrolled in no fewer than three (3) graduate level credit hours during the funding period. These awards are not automatically renewable. Students must apply for either the scholarship or grant each academic year. Recipients will be selected by a committee convened by the director of the graduate program.

Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, the MAE program has awarded over $24,000 in scholarships to students in our program. Scholarship amounts vary depending on budget constraints and enrollments, but over the last few years, the program has been able to offer modest scholarships in amounts ranging from $250 to $1000.

We expect that similar scholarship opportunities will be available for new students in future semesters. Past awards were made possible through the generosity and efforts of the USI Foundation, the Office of the Provost, and the Graduate Studies office.

For More information about Financial Aid for Graduate School, see:

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