University of Southern Indiana
Liberal studies graduate classroom

Degree Program

33 hours minimum required

All students must complete 15-18 hours of required courses:

  1. LBST 501: Information Literacy - Learn to know when information is needed, being able to find relevant information, evaluate it for credibility, and use it responsibly.
  2. LBST 616: Cultural Literacy - Learn to recognize and interpret elements that are important to one’s own and other cultures and communicate information that reflects understanding of multiple cultures.
  3. LBST 617: Data Literacy - Learn to understanding the story told by numbers and being able to use numbers to tell a story.
  4. LBST 618: Effective Communications - Learn to communicate information and ideas effectively to diverse audiences using multiple forms of media.
  5. Choose from one Capstone experience
    1. LBST 697 and LBST 698: Thesis or capstone project - Independent study completed under the direction of a qualified faculty member. Final thesis or project reflects mastery of graduate-level skills and comprehension that reflect the program goals.
    2. LBST 695: Portfolio - May be completed as independent study; students select materials for portfolio that demonstrate mastery in the program goals, write a reflective essay that synthesizes learning in the degree, and have an oral defense of their portfolio before a faculty committee.  

Students will also complete 15 – 18 hours of electives; these can be selected from graduate courses in LBST or other USI graduate programs.

In addition to dedicated liberal studies classes (LBST prefix), the MALS also accepts courses from other disciplines and from other master’s programs at USI, though the director of the MALS has to seek approval for students in such cases. The net effect is that the MALS has access to more courses than just those with the LBST prefix.

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