University of Southern Indiana
Liberal studies graduate classroom

Degree Program

33 hours minimum required (36 hours for thesis option)
9 hours (minimum) must be at the 600-level

All students must complete 15-18 hours of required courses:

  1. Information literacy and research (e.g. LBST 605: Information Literacy and Research; LBST 606: After Darwin)
  2. Quantitative/Qualitative Research Methods (e.g. PA 618: Research Methods in Public Administration; COMM 602: Qualitative Research in Communication; COMM 603: Quantitative Research methods in Communication)
  3. Cultural Awareness (e.g. LBST 601: Language; COMM 502: Gender, Communication and Culture; COMM 615: Communication and Culture; ENG 517: History of the English Language; WLC 522: Cultural Awareness Training; HP 535: Eastern Medicine
  4. Effective Communications (e.g. COMM 614/PA 614: Interpersonal Communication within Organizations; PA 684: Grant Writing; ENG 515: History of Rhetoric; ENG 617: Professional and Technical Writing.
  5. Capstone seminar (3 hours) or thesis (6 hours)

Students will also complete 15 – 18 hours of electives; these can be selected from graduate courses in LBST or other USI graduate programs.

In addition to dedicated liberal studies classes (LBST prefix), the MALS also accepts courses from other disciplines and from other master’s programs at USI, though the director of the MALS has to seek approval for students in such cases. The net effect is that the MALS has access to more courses than just those with the LBST prefix.


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