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Andrea Jefferson

Andrea JeffersonI have always loved learning. When the time came for me to pursue my master's, I wanted something more than a degree; I wanted to be educated. In many master's programs, the students' courses of study become quite narrow as they progress through their education. I chose the MALS program at USI because I wanted to get a broader perspective as I studied in my discipline. Taking classes with an interdisciplinary focus has deepened my knowledge of topics I may never have encountered otherwise. Being in classes with students from other disciplines has contributed greatly to my understanding of my subject matter and how it intersects with other topics. This has given me a well-rounded education, which has made me a more globally and culturally aware individual.


Georgina Wagoner

Georgina WagonerMALS fit my career needs better than any other program I researched, either online or within a three hour drive. ​As a social studies teacher, I am challenged by my students to speak on whatever changed in the past – machines, philosophy, art, agriculture and so on.  I wanted to take classes in subjects I knew only casually. I have been able to fortify instruction especially in economics and world history with new subject knowledge and interdisciplinary methods. Every MALS class offered something that I could take back to my own classes.

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