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Online Advanced Studies in Addiction Science

Located within the Social Work Department at the University of Southern Indiana, the Online Advanced Studies in Addiction ScienceOASAS (Post-Master’s Certificate in Addiction Scienceis designed for individuals with, or currently working on a Master of Social Work degree, as well as individuals with a Master or Doctorate degree in Addiction studies, Chemical dependency, Psychology, Human development, Family relations, or Counseling from accredited universities and programs.

OASAS is 100% online and provides the latest knowledge, skills, and attitudes in professional addiction treatment practice. Courses are offered by blending desktop video conferencing and an online learning management system. Access to a reliable computer with internet, camera and microphone capabilities is required

Substance abuse and behavior disorder counselors (i.e., Addiction Counselors) provide treatment and support to people who suffer from addiction, eating disorders and/or other behavioral problems. A need for highly trained individuals in addiction services is well documented. By enrolling in these courses, students have the opportunity to learn addiction theories and techniques, the basics of psychopharmacology, research methods, crisis intervention tools utilized in assisting addicted individuals and their families, as well as legal, ethical, and professional standards.

Funding opportunities for individuals interested in addiction education can be found on our Resources page.

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The following is a tentative 42-week plan of study for individuals with, or currently working on a clinical Master of Social Work degree from a CSWE-accredited program. 

Summer Semester (5-week course modules)

SOCW634 Social Work Practice with Substance Abusers and their Families 3 credits
SOCW664 Crisis Intervention 3 credits
SOCW672 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Standards in Addiction Services 3 credits
SOCW689* Addiction Field & Supervision Experience (10 week) 3 credits

Fall Semester (8-week course modules)

SOCW674 Psychopharmacology 3 credits
SOCW673 Research Methods in Addiction Counseling 3 credits
SOCW689* Addiction Field & Supervision Experience (16 week) 3 credits

Spring Semester (8-week course modules)

SOCW653 Addiction Counseling Theories and Techniques 3 credits
SOCW661 Theory & Practice of Group Addiction Counseling 3 credits
SOCW689* Addiction Field & Supervision Experience (16 week) 3 credits

* Addiction Field and Supervision Experience (SOCW 689) is a repeatable course and must consist of a minimum of one supervised practicum, internship or field experience in an addiction counseling setting. Students must meet a minimum number of 700 clock hours with a minimum of 280 face-to-face client contact hours of addiction counseling services. In addition, a minimum of 105 hours of supervision from a LCAC who has at least five years of experience as a qualified supervisor is required. If documented Clinical Field Experience from accredited MSW coursework can be presented, these hours may be eligible to be applied to the hours required for the 700 contact hours.


OASAS coursework is non-sequential and admission applications with supporting documents are reviewed when received.

  1. Complete the Graduate Studies online application:
    • Select "Post-Master’s Certificate in Addiction Science" for Course of Study
  2. Pay the nonrefundable $40 graduate application fee

  3. Submit your completed background checks (CastleBranch) to

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