University of Southern Indiana

Part-Time Advanced Standing Track

Curriculum - 36 Hours 

The two year, part-time, advanced standing program offers evening courses, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-8:45 pm, with field placements during normal working hours. 

First Year
Fall Semester
SOCW 601 Clinical Assessment and Psychopathology in Social Work 3 hours
SOCW 608  Theories of Clinical Practice  3 hours
Spring Semester
SOCW 602 Clinical Planning and Treatment Process in Social Work  3 hours
SOCW 610 Human Diversity in Social Work Practice  3 hours
Summer Semester 1
SOCW Electives 2 6 hours
Second Year
Fall Semester
SOCW 611 Graduate Field Placement II 2 2 hours
SOCW 612 Integrated Field Placement Seminar II 3 1 hour
SOCW 652  Family and Couples Therapy 3 hours
SOCW 660 Clinical Practice with Groups  3 hours
Spring Semester
SOCW 605 Practice Evaluation 3 hours
SOCW 611 Graduate Field Placement II 3 2 hours
SOCW 612 Integrated Field Placement Seminar II  1 hour
SOCW 671 Social Work Management 4 3 hours


1. All summer courses delivered as hybrids, meeting up to five times (4 hour blocks) during the 10-week summer semester.

2. Students required to take only two electives (6 hours) and may opt for non-social work graduate electives with prior approval of the MSW Program Director.

3. SOCW 611 is the field practicum related to advanced clinical work content taught in the 600-level courses. Students complete 600 hours of supervised field experience from fall through spring semesters and may complete hours during the Christmas break with prior approval.

4. SOCW 671 is delivered as a evening hybrid course, meeting up to eight times, once a week during the regular semester.

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