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Chamber Choir and Women's Choir Auditions

When may I audition?

You may audition for the USI Chamber Choir in the spring and summer terms of each academic year. Audition times coincide with the administering of academic placement tests by the Admission and with the summer orientation dates.

What am I required to do for an audition?

You will need to prepare a piece of any style of music. The goal is to sing something that you feel most comfortable singing. You will be judged on vocal tone, diction and the interpretation of your piece. You will also be tested for sight reading and music theory background. The best singers will then be invited to join at the end of the spring semester for the following fall year.

This choir requires a two-semester obligation. Other singers will be auditioned on an as-needed basis.

Find out more about the USI Chamber Choir or the USI Women's Choir on their webpages.

Jazz Band Auditions

Each student must pass an audition involving the performance of a solo piece and a sight reading evaluation.

Students interested in auditioning for this group must audition prior to the second day of summer orientation. Find out more about the USI Jazz Band on their webpage.

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