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Each spring USI’s Pre Law Program puts on a Law Day featuring several events and open to USI students, local high schools, and the Evansville area community. While each Law Day is different, the program typically consists of a morning presentation on the program by Dr. LaRowe, a lunchtime presentation (past events have included moot court demonstrations and expert panels of local lawyers and judges), and the day’s feature event: oral arguments heard by the Indiana Court of Appeals as part of its Appeals on Wheels program.

Law Day at USI offers local students and members of the community a great opportunity to learn about USI’s Pre-Law program, meet members of the local legal community, and watch the Indiana government in action. The exact date of Law Day depends on the oral argument calendar of the Indiana Court of Appeals, so those interested in learning more about the event should email  or call 812-464-1727.

Law Day 2021 - Wednesday February 10th

2021 Keynote conversation with Harvard Law Professor and Deputy Prosecutor for the Hague Penitentiary Institution, Alex Whiting.

Synopsis: State of Indiana v. Andrew M. Royer

The State appeals the post-conviction court's grant of Andrew Royer's petition for relief.  The court found that newly discovered evidence of unconstitutional conduct by the State during Royer's 2005 felony murder trial entitled Royer to a new trial.  The State argues the evidence Royer offered...regarding the reliability of his confessions to police was known at trial or could have been discovered with the exercise of reasonable diligence; immaterial; cumulative; merely impeaching; and/or would not probably produce a different result at retrial.  Royer argues that the State used false evidence implicating Royer's co-defendant to link Royer to the crime; failed to disclose material, exculpatory evidence; and failed to disclose critical impeachment evidence.

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