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Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that brings together courses and faculty from a variety of disciplines, such as philosophy, political science, history, English, art history, and economics. The 18-hour minor is an excellent complement to any major offered at USI and can enhance career opportunities in areas such as business, law & politics, journalism, education, marketing & advertising, public policy, nonprofit sector, social services, immigration work, human rights, and international aid/development work.

The Religious Studies minor can greatly help students learn to work well with diverse groups of people and provides students with highly transferable skills that are important on today’s job market, including:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Research
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Open-mindedness
  • Adaptability and flexibility

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The main goal of the Religious Studies minor is to research, understand, compare, and analyze religious beliefs, institutions, and practices in diverse cultural contexts. Students will learn to develop open-mindedness regarding varied religious perspectives, to think independently about religion, and to recognize the myriad ways that religious concepts and practices apply to everyday life. Awareness of religious diversity is a valuable asset in today’s increasingly multi-national and global world.

Religion has an enormous impact on individuals, our nation, and the international community.  It is an important part of many people’s personal and public lives. In addition, religion is often at the center of debate on various legal and public policy issues.  Having respect for and an understanding of world religions is central to becoming an informed citizen and educated person.  

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