University of Southern Indiana
Bachelor of Professional Studies graduates

Getting Started

The length of your program will depend upon your prior college and professional or technical training experience, and whether you want to enroll full- or part-time.

Once you choose the Bachelor of Professional Studies as your path to graduation, here are the next steps:

1. Admission to the University of Southern Indiana - If you are New to USI
Apply for admission if you have never attended the University of Southern Indiana.  The application can be completed online through the Office of Admissions. You will be asked to submit all transcripts from prior college work. Students who have served in the military will be asked for a DD 214 and/or military transcript. When completing the application, choose the Individual Studies or Applied Studies major.

OR Readmission - for returning USI students* 
Apply for readmission if you attended USI in the past. The readmission process is completed through the Registrar's Office. You will be asked to submit transcripts from any other colleges attended since your last term of enrollment at USI. You will be asked to designate the term, e.g. fall 2019, summer 2021, etc. that you wish to begin courses. You will be issued a username and password for MyUSI, the electronic portal for access to student email, online courses, grades, billing, and many other services.

2. Complete the pre-advising information form. Our BPS Academic Advisor will contact you to schedule an appointment.

3. Schedule an appointment with the BPS Academic Advisor to review all prior college work assess progress toward BPS degree requirements. This will result in a clear picture of remaining CORE requirements, transfer status and any other steps needed for graduation. You will also be asked to complete a "Change of Academic Program" to update your choice of major to the BPS.

4. Determine which term (fall, spring semester or a summer term) is best to return to your studies, enroll in classes and begin your program. 

*A student once enrolled at the University, who for any reason does not re-enroll for two or more consecutive fall/spring semesters, must initiate an Application for Readmission prior to returning for the next semester. The USI Registrar's office can provide details on readmission.

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