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December 2018
Williams duo makes Commencement a family affair
By University Communications

The Williams '18

Mom and Dad, Mrs. and Mr. and senior administrative assistant and intern are all titles Shawn and Calvin Williams have held in recent years. Shawn Williams, senior administrative assistant for Alumni Relations and Volunteer USI, and her husband, Calvin Williams, an intern for the Shawnee National Forest in Harrisburg, Illinois, will both be adding a new title to their list after fall commencement – USI graduate. The Williams will be updating their curriculum vitae with Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degrees.

Shawn Williams decided to work towards her BPS degree after she started working for the Alumni Relations office. She noticed all of the other individuals that worked in the office had a number beside their name indicating they were USI alumni, and she wanted a number beside her name, too. Before completing her degree at USI, she earned a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Evansville. “Now, I can officially say I’m a USI alumnae, also,” she said.

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May 2018
BPS alumna goes on to obtain Ph.D., new job

USI grad Dr. Amy Lynn Queret-Mitchell, Ph.D., a Certified Culinary Educator born in Vincennes, Indiana was hired as the Director of Culinary Arts at Ozarka College. Read more about her journey.

Dr. Amy Lynn Queret-Mitchell

May 2017
Seven time-management tips for adult learners
By Erin Hollinger, administrative associate, University of Southern Indiana and USI adult learner

Erin Hollinger

I often talk to people about my quest to earn a degree as an adult, and the workload involved. I have heard things like “You’re crazy!” and “How do you even have time to sleep?” People really freak out when I add that I work full time and have four kids, as well. They often ask how I do it, or how I can possibly make time to do any of those things with any success at all.  All I have to offer is this simple response: time management.

It sounds silly or impossible to think that time management is the key, but it is. I am not a superhero, not even close. Anyone can accomplish their educational goals if they have the drive and organizational skills to manage time. It takes some adjustment (for everyone), but it can be done. Before you think you cannot possibly manage, here are a few things I have learned to help manage my time and school work. You might be surprised how well things mesh once you get up and running!

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December 2014
Nontraditional student completes BGS program to advance military career
By Brandi Schwartz, marketing coordinator in Outreach and Engagement

WestAfter 15 years of college course work behind him, West Tenbarge, a Staff Sergeant in the National Guard, has earned a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree from USI. An Evansville native, Tenbarge completed the degree in December 2014 with the goal to become an officer in the Indiana Army National Guard and to open doors for future employment opportunities.

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December 2013
Nontraditional student completes BGS degree, begins work on master’s
By Brandi Schwartz, marketing coordinator in Outreach and Engagement


On December 14, 2013, Douglas Hazel participated in USI’s fall commencement ceremony and became one of the newest graduates of the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program. While his path to a degree took a few twists and turns, Hazel’s story is similar to many adult learners who decide to return to college and finish something they started many years ago.

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December 2011Priest
Bachelor of General Studies degree earned one course at a time
By Brandi Schwartz, marketing coordinator in Outreach and Engagement

In 1995, Evansville resident Terry Priest enrolled in his first course at the University of Southern Indiana. In December, he participated in the University's fall 2011 Commencement ceremony where he earned his Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree. With more than 550 students eligible to participate in the ceremony, Priest was one of three to graduate summa cum laude (a perfect 4.0 grade point average).

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Fall 2008

BGS student earns degree, advances career in banking

By Brandi Schwartz, marketing coordinator in Outreach and Engagement

Bgs For Commencement Newsvertical

When Debra Becht enrolled in USI’s Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program in the fall of 2008, she knew she had a challenge on her hands. Between raising two children and meeting the demands of her career in the financial industry, finding the time to complete a degree would be a true balancing act.

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