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The selection of any Liberal Arts major represents a wise decision. The Liberal Arts has been the core of all academic curricula for more than 2,000 years, and has been the cornerstone of higher education since the middle ages.

An education in any contemporary Liberal Arts major imparts not only knowledge of the content specific to that program, but also importantly provides broad training and experience in those skills which twenty-first century employers regard as essential in a successful employee.

The skills that all Liberal Arts majors acquire include the ability to think critically, the ability to communicate effectively, the ability to solve complex problems and the ability to evaluate and process vast amounts of information. These skills allow a Liberal Arts graduate to adapt to varied circumstances and situations, and to flourish in any environment. These are essential skills for success in one's academic career, and they are essential to sustained success throughout one's career and life.    

We invite you to examine the major degree programs that the College of Liberal Arts currently offers and to explore on each department's page those careers that are possible with major degrees in a specific major.

Liberal Arts Programs

USI's College of Liberal Arts offers more than 30 undergraduate academic programs and five master's degree programs.

Choose a department to learn more about the majors and minors offered and the many career possibilities for which they prepare students, or view a complete list of Liberal Arts programs.

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