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Vanderburgh County Treatment Court

Recognizing the need for a different approach to drug offenders in the justice system and to slow the revolving door on recidivism, the Vanderburgh County Treatment Court was established in 2001, and now consists of 4 programs: Treatment Court, Forensic Diversion, Re-Entry and Veteran's Program.

The Vanderburgh County Treatment Court is an 18-month program for nonviolent offenders with felony drug charges and/or drug related arrests. Upon successful completion of the program, the participant's charges are dismissed and their chance for a drug-free life increases significantly.

Forensic Diversion, Re-Entry and Veteran's Court

The Forensic Diversion Program was added to the Vanderburgh County Treatment Court for offenders returning from prison and who have low level substance related charges. Participants who enter the Forensic Diversion Program do not have their charges dismissed. However, they do have the opportunity to receive treatment, seek employment and reestablish connections with their families and communities.

Similarly, the Re-Entry Program assists individuals whohave served time in county jail for substance use/abuse charges. These individuals do not have their charges dismissed but are given similar opportunities as Forensic Diversion.

Most recently, the Vanderburgh County Court System and the Veterans Administration have combined their resources to ensure troubled veterans receive the help they need to stay out of prison. This is Indiana's first Veteran's Court and is a voluntary year-long program that focuses on rehabilitation. The Veteran's Treatment Court utilizes daily interaction, requires employment and mandates that participants attend regular substance abuse and, when necessary, mental health treatment. 

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