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Transfer and Readmission

Transfer Students

Transfer students are expected to meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Social Work program. Students may receive information on Admission to the University of Southern Indiana via the University Admission website.

Applications from transfer students are due by January 28.

Students must be admitted to the University before the Social Work Department can consider an application for admission to the BSW program.

A general credit evaluation is completed for all entering transfer students by the Credentials Analyst, Transfer Evaluation Section of the USI Registrar's Office. Transfer students should submit official transcripts from each school attended when they apply to the University of Southern Indiana.

Once admitted to USI and provided a username and password, students may electronically retrieve information on how courses transferred by running a Degree Works Report located on the student's self-service records.

If a student has questions about Core 39 courses prior to transferring, he or she should contact the Social Work Department at 812-464-1843. Questions can be answered by telephone, e-mail or in person by meeting with an advisor from the Social Work Department. A list of transfer equivalencies for Social Work is maintained by the University and the Social Work Department and can be provided to students at their request. If a student believes a social work course will transfer, he or she should obtain a course description from the college or university where the course was taken. This course description can then be reviewed by Social Work Department faculty and staff in order to determine transferability.

Students enrolled in college-level work at a regionally accredited institution of higher learning while still in high school will receive college credit if the college courses meet standards for transfer and are submitted on an official college transcript.

All transfer students are required to complete a university orientation session and meet with an advisor to plan their academic program and complete registration. Orientation may be completed online if the student meets the credit hour requirement.


Students who were dismissed from the USI Bachelor of Social Wwork program who would like to reapply are required to use the full application procedure that all new applicants follow. The student must wait a minimum of one year after the dismissal before applying for readmission. In addition, the applicant must provide substantial documentation to verify that the situation(s) leading to the dismissal is/are resolved.

Students who leave the BSW program in good standing before completing requirements for the BSW degree may request readmission by following these steps:

  1. Complete the BSW Re-Admission Application.
  2. Contact the director of the BSW program to review your file and status with the program.
  3. Develop a new check sheet to determine the feasibility and timetable for your degree completion.
  4. Submit a letter to the Admissions Committee stating how you have dealt with the obstacle(s) or problem(s) that led to your not completing the program previously.
  5. Submit one letter of reference from a current employer.
  6. If the student has been away from the University for one academic year or longer, the student must apply for readmission to the University.

The Director of the BSW Program will work with students to review their status and request for readmission. If students are readmitted they will be required to follow the Bulletin in effect at the time of readmission. In order to count toward the BSW degree, course work must have been completed within seven years prior to a student's enrollment in the first course(s) that count for degree credit in the program. For courses that exceed this time limit, students must either validate the previous credit or retake the course(s) in order to meet degree requirements. Validation requirements are determined by faculty who teach in each curriculum area.  

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