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A Multidisciplinary Journal

Amalgam is a multidisciplinary research journal published annually by undergraduate students at the University of Southern Indiana since 2006.

Submissions should be made in both hard copy (placed in the mailbox of Dr. Mary Hallock Morris in the Liberal Arts Center) and an electronic copy (emailed as a Word attachment to ).


  • Recognize outstanding students for their best work.
  • Provide students with an outlet for their research and an addition to their resumes or graduate school applications.
  • Compile examples of high-quality student work. In addition to several reference copies kept at the Rice Library, the journal's contents will be placed on the USI website.
  • Give students an opportunity to work on a journal. Students will handle all aspects of production and distribution.
  • Create a valuable recruiting tool for future USI scholars.

Submission Requirements

The journal is open to submissions from any liberal arts discipline. Outstanding term and research papers that focus on original research make great candidates for submission, so projects from previous semesters may be revised to meet the submission criteria.

Amalgam accepts submissions with the following guidelines:

  • Any research paper or paper that uses critical or analytical skills and past research will be considered. Possible submissions might include varied translations of poetry in global languages, papers describing psychology or sociology experiments, or traditional essays analyzing literature, history or philosophy.
  • The submission should reveal an original thinker and an original contribution.
  • The journal is open to undergraduate submissions only.
  • Submitters should still be enrolled or have graduated no later than December of the current academic year.
  • Submissions must be in manuscript form with the author's name on the title page only, to facilitate blind judging. While manuscripts may be of any length, students should understand that their papers might need to be abridged to fit the journal's requirements.
  • The journal uses Modern Language Association (MLA) style by default but will allow specific essays to retain the style that best conveys their content (for example, a psychology paper in the American Psychological Association (APA) style).

Creative work such as fiction or poetry will not be considered. These works are more suitable for FishHook.

Submission Deadline

Submissions are normally due at the end of the second week of the spring semester of each year.

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