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    subheading titlePublic Area outside the Library's Main Entrance

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    subheading titlePublic Area - North side

    Stairs to lower level classrooms, open seating area, restrooms, vending machines, two ATM's and a water fountain are located in this area.

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    subheading titlePublic Area - Outside Entrance

    Outside entrance to the lower-level of the library is located on the north side of the library facing the Performance Center.

Virtual Tour - Public Area

Stairs and elevator access to the lower level classrooms, Starbucks, an open seating area, book and video return boxes, the library's information kiosk, restrooms, a vending machine area, and two ATMs.

Public Area Highlights
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Public Area Kiosk


Located in the public area just outside the door of the library, the kiosk has a map of the entire building, and a slideshow highlighting important information about the library.

Highlights include: Library hours and policies, Services and collections, and Areas in the building.

Public Area Open Seating

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With space for study, meeting with friends, or enjoying a snack, the open seating area includes a vending area, restrooms, water fountains, and two ATMs.

Public Area Downstairs Starbucks

Public Area Outside Entrance


RL 0001-0035 are located on the lower level. They are accessible by the stairs in the open seating area or the elevator and stairs across from Starbucks in the public corridor outside the library itself, or from the outside entrance adjacent to the Performance Center.

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