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illume Fall 2019 | Quest

Pen a Caption

caption contest image of three students standing on USI's campus, two of the students are pointing in opposite directions

Every picture tells a story. Write a caption for a funny throwback image and send it to illume's editor for consideration in the Spring 2020 issue.

Traversing the Cost of Education

woman dangling from cliff with one hand, with intense ocean waves directly below herMorgan Murphy '19 fell in love with USI's campus and enrolled. But a few weeks into her first semester, she received a notice from the Bursar's Office that she owed an additional $2,000 and was unsure she'd be able to finish her education.

Life Style - on the Clock


A lot can be accomplished in 24 hours when pursuing a passion. Peek into the lives of two faculty, two alum and two students to see how they spend their time.   

President Rochon's Perspective

Dr. Rochon

When Dr. Rochon noticed a student struggling to get across campus, he went to assist her. In the course of their conversation he learned a lesson he wants everyone to consider.

The Colorful Truth

hand and eye illustration

Ta'Meia Burleigh '19 renders her experience about what it's like to be a black woman in a way that informs and enlightens.

The Eagles have Landed

USI Arena

USI's athletic teams used to roam the city, playing at various venues across town. Since 1980, the teams have had a home on campus in the Health and Physical Education Recreation (HPER), known today as the Physical Activities Center. Now, there is a brand new arena to show off USI's athletic talent. 

Student POV

Kaylee Johnson

Kaylee Johnson '20 and her cheer teammates know the value of hard work and dedication. In the face of several setbacks, the team still advanced to nationals and placed in the top ten.

Tail Feather Jeanette Maier-Lytle

Jeanette Maier-Lytle

In high school, Jeanette Maier-Lytle ’88 M’95 discovered she had a talent for accounting. As an instructor at USI for 22 years, she's educated thousands of students and taken 40+ teams to case conferences around the world.

From the Desk of Dr. Matthew Hanka

matt hanka

Dr. Hanka, associate professor of political science, has a few beliefs concerning our community and what our role as citizens ought to be.

Behind the Scene


Learn more about the The Food and Nutrition Program’s high-end, industrial kitchen.

Expert Art Advice

fancy art frame

Your art may not be as extensive as USI’s 3,500-ish pieces, but you love it and want to preserve it too. Susan Colaricci Sauls, director of University Art Collections, has cared for the institution’s multi-million-dollar collection since 2005. Here is her expert advice on how you can care for your art.

Soldier and Sailor Duo

soldier and sailor made of plumbingWhat's with the soldier and sailor made of plumbing?


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