University of Southern Indiana

Soldier and Sailor Duo

soldier and sailor made of plumbing

Stroll past the front of USI’s Physical Plant Service Center and you’ll be greeted by a couple of grinning, squat military men made of plumbing parts bolted together and bearing painted uniforms. Despite their silence, the duo has a story to tell, says Joel Matherly, USI’s assistant director of Veteran, Military and Family Resource Center.

Crafted by a Vietnam veteran who was grateful for the support he received from the Evansville Vet Center, they were donated to the Center in dedication to those who served and those who helped after their service was completed.

“They were unfortunately slated for scrap when the [Veterans Center] relocated, so we saved them,” says Matherly. “Fortunately, Miles Mann (associate director, facility operations and planning) a United States Navy veteran and son of a World War II veteran, was able to give these statues a home.”

Today, they serve as a reminder to remember the sacrifices our military men and women make for our country—so many who are alum.

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