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The Radical Shaping of an Educator

Christy Baker

“I will never forget staring out the window of my grandmother’s den, at about 8 years old, the lights out, as we stared at the burning crosses in the pasture,” Baker says. “A symbolic threat of ‘We are watching you.’” Chirsty Baker

Human Bondage

illustration of faceless people on the streetHuman trafficking for sex or labor is more than an exploitative, violent crime driven by money. 

The Wind Under Wings

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Student Support Services goes above and beyond to ensure students who are disabled, economically disadvantaged or are first-generation college students receive the social, academic and financial support they need to be successful.

Student POV

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Gabrielle Wy '19 talks about accepting her Asian identity.

From the Desk of...

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Instructor in Journalism Erin Gibson looks at the past, present and future of journalism.

State of the U: Education

 Dr. Ronald S. Rochon

Dr. Ronald S. Rochon speaks on the purpose and role of education in society.


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Get to know Dr. Kevin Valadares and learn about his mission to educate the community on the value of conversations on advanced care planning.

Exclusive Online Content

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 Changing Lives One Bridge at a Time

Sarah Vaughn with a volleyballLiving Independently Dependent

Dr. Rochon's Appearance on "3-2-1 Contact" 

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