University of Southern Indiana


Kindra Strupp
Mrs. Kindra Strupp
Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Contact: 812-464-1755
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104D

Stephanie Hawes
Mrs. Stephanie Hawes
Marketing Specialist
Contact: 812-464-1755
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104

Department Directors

Terri Bischoff
Mrs. Terri Bischoff
Director of Creative and Print Services
Contact: 812-461-5465
Publishing Services Center

John Farless
Mr. John Farless
Director of University Communications
Contact: 812-228-5157
Publishing Services Center

Brandi Hess
Mrs. Brandi Hess
Director of Web Services
Contact: 812-464-1999
Forum Wing, Administration Building 135A

Janet Johnson
Mrs. Janet Johnson
Director of Alumni Relations and Volunteer USI
Adjunct - Business
Contact: 812-464-1924
University Center West 113

Donna Koewler
Mrs. Donna Koewler
Director of Special Events
Contact: 812-465-1257
University Center West 044

Ray Simmons
Mr. Ray Simmons
Director of Athletic Communications
Contact: 812-465-1622
Physical Activities Center 301

Sally Smith
Mrs. Sally Smith
Director of Community Engagement and Special Projects
Contact: 812-465-7050
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104B

 Department Managers

Elizabeth Randolph
Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph
Manager of Photography and Multimedia
Contact: 812-464-1938
Publishing Services Center

 Senior Administrative Associate

Tina McCalment
Ms. Tina McCalment
Senior Administrative Associate
Contact: 812-464-1774
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104

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