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USI’s Lifelong Learning offering open enrollment courses at WestGate Academy

USI’s Lifelong Learning offering open enrollment courses at WestGate Academy

7/9/2021 | University Communications
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University of Southern Indiana Lifelong Learning is offering two public open enrollment courses at WestGate Academy in Odon, Indiana.  

These two courses are open to the general public to attend. Technical Writing will begin Tuesday, August 17 and Professional Presentation and Communication Skills will begin Tuesday, October 12. Both courses will be three sessions and run from Noon to 4 p.m. for each session.

“We are hoping to skill-up the Indiana workforce for everyone in the region as well as build relationships with businesses to offer public programs that are essential to fill the skill gaps employers are seeing in the region,” said Paula Nurrenbern, Manager of Customized Solutions with USI Outreach and Engagement.  

USI Lifelong Learning offers a wide range of noncredit programs for adults, working professionals and youth through USI Outreach and Engagement. Lifelong Learning courses are open to anyone in the community regardless of educational background. All courses are presented in a noncompetitive and informal atmosphere where interest in learning is the primary consideration. No grades are assigned and formal admission to the University is not required for course registration.

The following courses are being offered:  

Technical Writing Fundamentals 
This course is designed for those whose jobs involve developing technical documents, such as standard operating procedures, protocols, data analysis reports, proposals, white papers and research papers. Participants will be equipped with the essential skills needed to write clear, concise and correct technical documents to address their readers’ needs.  

Participants will learn how to collect information and then select the correct format for delivery based on the topic and the communication goal. Participants will learn how to explain complex information in a way that will engage their readers and with less chance of miscommunication. The program will also focus on how to structure a white paper so that it presents the information in a linear and logical manner that makes readers want to read the document from start to finish. 

Professional Presentation and Communication Skills 
In this training program participants will become equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for delivering effective presentations, as well as learn proven techniques to improve the effectiveness of your verbal and written communications.  

Learning objectives for this 12-hour program include: Recognize key qualities of effective public speakers, identify specific fears of public speaking and use countermeasures for overcoming them, improve the effectiveness of your vocal delivery, project confidence in your nonverbal communication, identify your presentation style, analyze your audience and apply methods for adapting your presentation to their needs and interests, organize your presentation using a template for a logical sequence that’s easy for audiences to follow, choose appropriate visual aids to complement your message and give and receive feedback for continuous improvement in public speaking. 

Nurrenbern is hopeful that businesses and industries in the WestGate region will let her know what type of training their employees need so additional programs can be offered in the future focused on the needs of regional businesses and workers.   

For more information about these courses and other Customized Training, contact Nurrenbern  at or (812) 461-5425. For more information about Lifelong Learning, contact Erin McCracken Merris, Marketing Specialist for USI Outreach and Engagement, at 

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WestGate Academy in Odon, Indiana.

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