Looking to Stay Engaged This Summer? Enroll in USI Summer Courses!

Summer is approaching fast!

College students often consider summer a valuable time to enroll in courses for a myriad of reasons.

Are you not quite sure that summer courses are the right option for you? Consider these benefits of taking summer courses at USI:

1) Earn CORE 39 credits if you are a current USI student, transfer student, or incoming freshman.

Core 39, or general education courses, often are a significant part of freshmen and sophomore students' academic schedules and many CORE 39 courses are offered during the USI summer sessions! Students can take advantage of these courses during the summer in order to focus on program-concentrated courses during the fall and spring semesters.

2) Get ahead or catch up.

Advance into your program and graduate early - summer courses are offered to help you reach your end academic goal and keep you on track!

3) Stay engaged with a summer college experience.

Most college students enjoy the fact that their academic schedules keep them in a routine during the school year. When summer break approaches, that routine often breaks quickly; however, if you take summer courses, this will not occur.

Enrolling in summer courses will you keep you engaged as a learner. With no gap in your education, you will be sure to approach the fall semester ready to go!

4) Less competition for registration, hence more availability for spots in a course.

Do you have a class that you have been waiting to take during the school year, but can't seem to get a spot? Well, you are in luck since there may be more open seats in a summer section. Take advantage of the open seats and knock out some classes you have been waiting to take!

5) Summer sessions are shorter.

At USI, there are multiple summer sessions that each last approximately five weeks (with the exception of some courses). Yes, you read that right! Summer sessions only last five weeks versus the traditional 15 week semester. Students who enroll in summer classes are allowed to take a maximum of 7 credit hours per summer session, meaning you can focus on one or two classes at a time, rather than the typical four to six classes that are taken in a traditional academic semester.

6) Smaller class sizes can provide positive learning environments.

Small class sizes make for increased student/professor interaction and a more individualized student experience altogether.

Enroll today!

Whether you are a USI student and want to graduate early, a student from another university that is home for the summer and wanting to take courses and transfer them back, or a transfer student that wants to get a head start on a program - we have the right option for you! 

Which type of summer student are you?

  • Current USI Student
  • Visiting Summer Student
  • Newly Admitted Freshman
  • College Achievement Program Student
  • Transfer Student

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