Online Certifications Are Key For Professional Development

Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.

- Brian Tracy, Personal Development Coach 

While college degrees are now required for a vast majority of careers, that often does not ensure individuals will invest in professional development once their degree is complete. What can ensure that individuals will continue to advance their education when they are full-time employees? 

Online certifications. 

These certifications can help develop skillsets and furthered knowledge in an individual's field. Online certifications offer a variety of benefits, including employer recognition, industry-relevant skillsets, and professional development. On top of these, employers typically prefer candidates with educational credentials, in which online certifications may provide a competitive edge compared to other applicants. 

Another great benefit online certifications reap is the modern twist they give to continuous learning. What an individual once learned and practiced in their undergraduate or graduate degree curriculum, no matter the industry, may not be quite as relevant as when the individual earned their degree. Online certifications provide continuous education that keep individuals up-to-date on industry trends and best practices. 

Whether you are looking into professional development, a career change, or career advancement, an online certification may be the right choice for you. At the University of Southern Indiana, we offer several online certifications that can enhance your career. 

A new online certificate we are offering is the Post-Master's Certificate in Addiction Science, targeted at those individuals in the addiction treatment industry. Offered by the College of Liberal Arts at USI, the 100% Online OASAS Program (Post-Master's Certificate in Addiction Scienceprovides the latest knowledge, skills, and attitudes in professional addiction treatment practice. 

The OASAS program is designed for individuals with, or currently working on a Master of Social Work degree, as well as individuals with a Master or Doctorate degree in addiction studies, chemical dependency, psychology, human development, family relations, or counseling from accredited universities and programs. OASAS is 100% online and provides the latest knowledge, skills and attitudes in professional addiction treatment practice. Courses are offered by blending desktop video conferencing and an online learning management system. Access to a reliable computer with internet, camera and microphone capabilities is required.

Substance abuse and behavior disorder counselors (i.e., addiction counselors) provide treatment and support to people who suffer from addiction, eating disorders and/or other behavioral problems. A need for highly-trained individuals in addiction services is well documented. By enrolling in these courses, students have the opportunity to learn addiction theories and techniques, the basics of psychopharmacology, research methods, crisis intervention tools utilized in assisting addicted individuals and their families, as well as legal, ethical and professional standards.

Are you ready to further your career in the addiction treatment industry?

If so, click here to learn more about the 100% Online Advanced Studies in Addiction Science through USI.


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