Three Ways to Fully Enhance Your Online Learning Experience

In the day and age we live in, it is almost as common to take online education courses as it is to take courses face-to-face. The shift of higher education courses being offered online creates a multitude of experiences for students of all backgrounds. Whether you are looking pursue an online bachelor's degree completion program, or you're a working professional that has decided to further your education with an online master’s program, online learning will enter you enter a world of opportunities. Below are three ways you can fully enhance your online learning experience as a student.

1.)  Adapt to the World of Online Communication

The variety of ways to communicate and interact with both your professors and classmates are boundless. Emails, video calls, discussion forums, and phone calls are just some of the few communication channels you can utilize as a student. At the University of Southern Indiana, our online courses offer Zoom Conference Calls, where students can video call their professor when given a meeting time. Zoom Conference, as well as other communication resources, allow students to be in contact with their peers or professors at the convenience of their own time and location. Making yourself well known to your classmates and professors can help make the most of your online courses.

2.)   Take Advantage of the Resources Offered By Your University 

Universities and colleges offer a variety of resources that can help you fully maximize your online courses or program. USI offers a wide range of resources to online learners to help make your program as convenient and flexible as possible. Our services include technology support, online access to our David L. Rice Library, Career Services, online advising and registration, TouchNet (online payment portal), degree tracking, and so much more. Taking advantage of resources that are offered can help you reach your full potential as a student.

3.)   Allocate Specific Times Each Week to Your Online Courses

Not going to a physical location for courses can become both challenging and overwhelming if students do not dedicate enough time to their coursework. Setting aside specific times to work on online programs can take stress off of managing coursework, along with ensuring you are devoting enough time and efforts to your online studies. Though online courses are created to be more flexible and done at your own pace, getting behind is never a good idea. Setting up a certain amount of time each day or week will help keep you on top of your game, making you more confident and comfortable with your online coursework.


Online Learning

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