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University Policies

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to maintain complete honesty and integrity in the academic experiences both in and out of the classroom. Any student found guilty of dishonesty including, but not limited to, plagiarism and/or cheating on an examination will be subject to disciplinary action. For more information, please visit Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures  

Civility Statement

The University of Southern Indiana embraces and celebrates the many differences that exist among the members of a dynamic, intellectual, and inclusive community, and strives to maintain an environment that respects differences and provides a sense of belonging and inclusion for everyone. Any form of discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, will not be tolerated. All members of the University community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not infringe upon the rights of others, and should be aware that the University is prepared to take prompt action to prevent and correct such inappropriate behavior and to remedy its effects.

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Class Withdrawal & Incomplete Policy

It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop/withdraw from any courses before the deadline. The university does not withdraw students from any classes. Please refer to the USI Academic Calendar ( for specific dates.  For more information, please visit Registrar’s Office Schedule Changes

Under special circumstances, students may petition for an incomplete grade. However, it is up to the course instructor to decide if an incomplete will be granted. Students receiving an incomplete grade will need to complete all course requirements by the agreed deadline to avoid an “F” grade.

Disability Statement

If you have a disability for which you may require academic accommodations for this class, please contact Disability Resources at 812-464-1961 or email Ronda Stone at as soon as possible. Students who are approved for accommodations by Disability Resources should request their accommodation letter be sent to their online instructors.  Due to the nature of online courses some accommodations approved for on campus courses may not apply. Please discuss this with Disability Resources to clarify as needed. 

Students who receive an accommodation letter from Disability Resources are encouraged to discuss the provisions of those accommodations with their professors before or during the first week of the semester. If you will be in an internship, field, clinical, student teaching, or other off-campus setting this semester please note that approved academic accommodations may not apply.  Please contact Disability Resources as soon as possible to discuss accommodations needed for access while in this setting.  For more information, please visit the Disability Resources website.

Title IX, Sexual Assault, and Gender Violence Policy

USI does not tolerate acts of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and all forms of sexual violence.  If you have experienced sexual misconduct, or know someone who has, the University can help.  It is important to know that federal regulations and University policy require faculty to promptly report incidences of potential sexual misconduct known to them to the Title IX Coordinator to ensure that appropriate measures are taken and resources are made available. The University will work with you to protect your privacy by sharing information with only those who need to know to ensure we can respond and assist.  If you are seeking help and would like to speak to someone confidentially, you can make an appointment with a counselor in the University Counseling Center.  Find more information about sexual violence, including campus and community resources at

For additional information on policies, services, rights, and responsibilities; please refer to the USI Student Handbook 

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