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Transferring CAP Credits

Before enrolling in the College Achievement Program, it is the student's responsibility to contact the institution to which he or she is seeking admission to determine transferability of CAP credits. The decision to recognize credits is the decision of the receiving institution. A video demonstrating how to look up transferability is available for CAP families. 

Credit earned through CAP will not automatically appear on your academic record unless you enroll as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern Indiana upon graduation from high school. A student enrolling at USI does not need to request an official transcript, but should mention having earned USI credit to his/her faculty advisor.

A student who enrolls anywhere but USI should request an official USI transcript after graduation by visiting the Registrar's page (choose the 'hold for grades' option if you request your transcript before your official USI grade is posted to your student account, usually mid-June). The transcript must be sent directly from USI to the school the student plans to attend to be considered an official record. USI grade processing is not complete for several weeks after the courses end; students should keep this in mind and can view/print unofficial transcripts via myUSI until the official grades are available.

If you attend an orientation and/or meet with your advisor to schedule classes, it is strongly recommended that you print an unofficial transcript via myUSI to prevent signing up for a class you already have credit for. If you no longer have your myUSI login information, call the myUSI Help Desk at 812-465-1080. The CAP student must be the caller due to federal privacy laws that apply to CAP students. Callers will be asked security questions to verify their identity.

Digital Transcript Request & Unofficial Transcript Access Directions

1. Go to
2. Click on the myUSI link in the upper right corner of the page
3. Log in (account activation directions available here)
4. Select the blue 'Self Service' folder icon on the left side of the screen
5. From the main menu screen select 'Student Records'
6. Select 'Unofficial Transcript'
7. Click 'Submit' (you do not need to select anything from the drop down menus)
8. Print this record for orientation advising and class registration
From the same 'Student' screen where you accessed 'unofficial transcript,' select 
'Request Official Transcript'
10. Complete the official transcript order.

*Note that in order to be deemed official, this transcript must be sent directly from USI to the institution (USI bound students do not need to request an official transcript for USI credit). If sending an electronic transcript, you will need to have the necessary email address on hand for the transcript form. This email address can often be found by searching 'transfer credit' on your school's website or by calling the appropriate transfer credit office. 

Official transcript requests will be processed only for those students who have met all financial obligations to the University.



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