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CAP Costs

Students enrolling in CAP pay $25 per credit hour for the Priority Dual Credit Liberal Arts and Approved Technical Education Courses as authorized by the Indiana Commission for High Education and Indiana Department of Education. All other CAP courses are $80 per credit hour.

Dual Credit Priority Liberal Arts Course & Approved Technical Education Course Rates

Other CAP Course Rates

1 credit-hour course - $25

1 credit-hour course - $80

2 credit-hour course - $50

2 credit-hour course - $160

3 credit-hour course - $75

3 credit-hour course - $240

4 credit-hour course - $100

4 credit-hour course - $320

For a complete list of USI CAP Courses, total cost and course descriptions

Each USI course is designated a specific numbers of credit hours which determines the amount paid for each class. For example, enrollment in English 101, a three credit-hour course on the Priority List, costs $25 x 3 or $75.  Enrollment in Chemistry 107, a four credit-hour course NOT on the Priority List, costs $80 x 4 or $320.

Certain contingent fees (e.g. parking) are waived for CAP participants. USI is not responsible for purchasing required textbooks and materials. No additional fees beyond tuition should be charged on the student's account; if this is not the case, the CAP Office should be notified.

USI Payment Policy for CAP Students

Please be aware that once the CAP Student Permission Form (SPF) is signed by the student, the parent or guardian and approved by the College Achievement Program office, and once a school has passed the 100% refund window, the student is responsible for the tuition associated with the course(s) chosen. (Refund windows and payment deadlines vary by high school. Scroll to the bottom of the CAP homepage to locate the correct calendar.)

Tuition Waiver for Students Eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch - Updated for 2020-21

Academically qualified students who also are eligible for free or reduced lunch in the current academic year may enroll in CAP at no cost. Even though students in many districts are receiving free lunches regardless of family income level, in order to qualify for the waiver of CAP tuition, the formal application for the National School Lunch Program must be completed and approved by the district or corporation. When completing the CAP student application, be sure to indicate your lunch status. Once verified, your CAP tuition will be waived.  If not verified by the school district, you will be billed the normal per credit hour fee.

How to Pay a CAP Bill

  1. Pay by mail - Detach the bottom portion of your paper statement and return it to the USI Bursar's Office with a personal check, cashier's check or money order made payable to the University of Southern Indiana. The address for the Bursar's Office is: Bursar Office, University of Southern Indiana, 8600 University Blvd, Evansville, IN  47712. If you do not have a statement, please be sure to write your student ID and name in the memo field of the check, or include a note with identifying information to ensure credit is applied to the proper account. 
  2. Directions for paying online can be found on the Pay My Bill web page.

Students who have a past-due balance from a previous semester will not be allowed to enroll in another CAP course until the previous balance has been paid. Any student with a financial obligation to the University will not be able to transfer credits or enroll at USI as an undergraduate student until that obligation has been met.

529 Plans

You may be able to utilize a 529 plan for CAP tuition. Talk to your financial advisor for more information.

Impact of Dual Credit on Financial Aid

College credit hours accrued through CAP or other accelerated learning options (like AP or IB) may impact your future financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans and/or work study) eligibility. If you plan to attend USI as a degree-seeking student in the future and have questions, contact USI Student Financial Assistance at 812-464-1767.

Children of Veterans

USI's Veteran policy applies to academically qualified CAP students. Credits earned through CAP will be deducted from the total number of credits received from the V.A. Visit USI's Veterans' Support Services Office for more assistance, call 812-464-1857, or email

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