University of Southern Indiana


Dawn Stoneking
Ms. Dawn Stoneking
Executive Director of Outreach & Engagement
Contact: 812-464-1932
University Center East 2210

Leslie  Townsend
Mrs. Leslie Townsend
Director of Community Engagement and Historic New Harmony
Contact: 812-465-7013
University Center East 2245

Robert (Ethan) Allen
Mr. Robert (Ethan) Allen
Senior Military Instructor
Contact: 812-461-5494
Education Center 0106

Gavin Brothers
SSG Gavin Brothers
Officer Strength Recruiter
Contact: 812-447-8896
Education Center 0106

Rita Brunner
Ms. Rita Brunner
Database Administrator and Operations Manager
Contact: 812-464-1864
University Center East 2240

Cheryl Colston
Ms. Cheryl Colston
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-464-1863
University Center East 2227

Christine Crews
Mrs. Christine Crews
Administrative Associate
Contact: 812-682-4488
Historic New Harmony

Dana Drury
Ms. Dana Drury
Manager of Education Services and Partnerships
Contact: 812-464-1972
University Center East 2235

Jaclyn Dumond
Ms. Jaclyn Dumond
Assistant Director of Lifelong Learning
Contact: 812-465-1274
University Center East 2234

Claire Eagle
Ms. Claire Eagle
Interim Assistant Director, Historic New Harmony
Contact: 812-682-4488
Historic New Harmony

Megan Glenn
Ms. Megan Glenn
Community Engagement Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-7014
University Center East 2255

Paul Goodman
Mr. Paul Goodman
New Harmony Experience Coordinator
Contact: 812-682-4488
Historic New Harmony

William Groves
Mr. William Groves
Program Coordinator of Business and Professional Programs
Contact: 812-465-1117
University Center East 2210

Jennifer Hertel
Mrs. Jennifer Hertel
Marketing Specialist
Contact: 812-461-5463
University Center East 2231

Tonya Lance
Miss Tonya Lance
Senior Gallery Associate
Contact: 812-682-3156
Historic New Harmony

Lori Leonhardt
Mrs. Lori Leonhardt
Program Associate
Contact: 812-465-7035
University Center East 2246

Peggy Mahrenholz
Mrs. Peggy Mahrenholz
Lifelong Learning Supervisor
Contact: 812-464-1858
University Center East 2242

Jerri Maier
Mrs. Jerri Maier
Senior Program Assistant
Contact: 812-465-1629
University Center East 2242

Joel Matherly
Mr. Joel Matherly
Assistant Director of Veteran, Military and Family Resource Center
Contact: 812-461-5302
University Center East 2250

Charmaine McDowell
Mrs. Charmaine McDowell
Director of Corporate Partnerships
Contact: 812-228-5061
University Center East 2256

Kay Myrick
Mrs. Kay Myrick
Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-228-5022
University Center East 2241

Paula Nurrenbern
Mrs. Paula Nurrenbern
Manager of Customized Solutions
Contact: 812-461-5425
University Center East 2251

Akiko Ogo
Ms. Akiko Ogo
Part-Time Southern Indiana Japanese School Teacher
Contact: 812-464-1864
University Center East

Monica O'Neil
Dr. Monica O'Neil
Director of Service Learning
Contact: 812-465-7141
University Center East 2232

Mitsuko Owa
Ms. Mitsuko Owa
Principal/Director, Southern Indiana Japanese School
Contact: 812-471-1210

Tamara Powell
Mrs. Tamara Powell
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-465-1018
University Center East 2227

Steven Stump
Mr. Steven Stump
Assistant Director of the Center for Applied Research
Contact: 812-228-5094
University Center East 2258

Iris Williamson
Ms. Iris Williamson
Manager, New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art
Contact: 812-682-3156
Historic New Harmony

Donna Wittman
Ms. Donna Wittman
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-464-1996
University Center East 2242

Noriko Walters
Mrs. Noriko Walters
Teacher, Southern Indiana Japanese School
Contact: 812-471-1210
University Center East

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