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Four factors needed for regional growth in southwest Indiana

Four factors needed for regional growth in southwest Indiana

February 8, 2016

By Daniela Vidal and Jenna Deisher

This is an exciting time for southwest Indiana with a number of opportunities knocking at the door, such as the Multi-Institutional Academic Health Science and Research Center in downtown Evansville and the I-69 Innovation Corridor. It is crucial we make the most of these opportunities by capitalizing on these four factors. If we can accomplish that, we are in for an era of unprecedented regional growth.

1. KNOW-HOW. Southwest Indiana has a strong legacy in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, agriculture and energy. Support for our higher education institutions and trade schools will allow the region to transfer traditional know-how into a modern and trained workforce.

2. INNOVATION. We are seeing huge growth in our entrepreneurship and innovation networks, with co-working spaces popping up along the I-69 corridor, the Tech on Tap community, USI's Technology Commercialization Academy and award winning technology transfer programs with Crane Naval Base.

3. DIVERSITY. Diversity fuels the intersection of ideas, concepts and cultures and enhances our ability to create disruptive innovations. We can promote and welcome diversity by attracting, embracing and fostering newcomers from all walks of life, thus increasing our innovation potential.

4. COLLABORATION. It is necessary to embrace a culture of regional collaboration, something USI Outreach and Engagement is always striving to do better. The only way we can compete in the 21st century is by expanding our horizons and using our assets as a region. We live in a global economy, and remaining in isolation is no longer an option if we wish to strive and keep the next generation here!

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