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Campers at USI Summer Camp

Unexpected skills campers learn at a USI summer camp

June 10, 2016

If you were to observe one of the many USI Super Summer camps like “It’s Magic!”, you might expect to see campers in capes and with magic wands, burning off extra summer energy while their parents are at work. (While you would see both capes and wands), you might also see something pretty impressive.

As students, we are taught to memorize and regurgitate information, in hopes that the information will stay with us for much longer than the length of the class. Sometimes that information stays with us and sometimes it doesn’t.

On the surface level of “It’s Magic!”, Super Summer campers leave the week-long summer camp with a few tricks up their sleeve (pun intended), and of course, their own cape and magic wand. However, they also walk away with valuable skills.

Because Super Summer teachers are not concerned about the memorization of the magic trick, they emphasize the presentation. 

You would see campers speaking loudly and clearly, communicating a presentation effectively, interacting with the audience, paying attention to details, making eye contact, using hand gestures, etc.

You would see the development of presentation skills that they can build on when they continue to practice their magic tricks this summer.

Skills they carry into the fall when they return to school and are asked to present a book report.

Skills that make it more than a summer camp.

It’s knowledge for life.

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