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Why your next meeting should be facilitated

November 15, 2016

By Jenna Deisher, communications Intern for Opportunity Development

Facilitation is a process of designing and implementing a successful business meeting of people who want to achieve a common goal, whether that goal involves creative-problem solving, making decisions or exchanging ideas and information.

facilitator helps the group by offering a structure in which to make a collective decision, but is not there to lead, distract or entertain.

Interactive facilitation session

But why should my meeting be facilitated?

“Facilitation provides a means of guiding a creative conversation towards an intended outcome. Experienced facilitators can use their position in a meeting to resolve differences of opinion and align common objectives into an action plan that leads to progress. Essentially, a facilitation session will be a productive, efficient meeting that allows participants to accomplish a task or know the next steps required to address the situation at hand. ” – Steven Stump, assistant director of the Center for Applied Research

Can facilitation be used for any area of work?

“As a trained facilitator, I have used facilitation techniques throughout my career in very different settings, and these skills have proven invaluable in helping groups find a shared vision and achieve consensus on a path forward. Regardless of your background or area of work, facilitation skills are always useful in achieving optimized results in a much shorter timeframe and with the buy-in of all stakeholders.” – Daniela Vidal, director of Opportunity Development

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