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5 ways to be an inspirational leader

Five ways to be an inspirational leader

May 16, 2017

By Chaze Patrick, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Assistant

Being an inspirational leader does not happen overnight. The process to becoming an inspiration to others can open many doors in career advancement.  Here are five practices that lead to exemplary leadership:

  1. Model the way – Setting the example for others to emulate is important. Being a great role model helps others in improving their behaviors.
  2. Inspire a shared vision – The ability to have “forward thinking” and sharing your vision can have tremendous benefits. Having others to believe in your vision inspires them to work towards achieving it.
  3. Challenging the process – Experimentation is normal in building the leadership skill set. Leaders use experiences to rise in monumental occasions.
  4. Enable others to act – Empowering others results in a great environment for productivity. Those who work within the team gain motivation in seeing the team flourish.
  5. Encourage the heart – Emotional intelligence is the ability to be self-aware of your emotions and the emotions of others. Possessing strong emotional intelligence has been found in many successful leaders.

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