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4 Things you need to know as a new supervisor

Four things you need to know as a new supervisor

October 5, 2017

By Chaze Patrick, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Assistant

Congratulations on your recent promotion!

Your hard work and dedication has paid off. However, with more power comes more responsibility. Are you a little apprehensive on how you will perform as a new leader? Don’t worry; here are four recommendations to help you rise to the top as a new supervisor.

  1. Standards and direction

What are the motivators for the department or organization? To become proficient in your role, you must identify the goals your organization is trying to achieve. If you work in a specific department, identify any preexisting documents on what needs to be accomplished. Once you gain some knowledge, you can move forward in your next actions confidently.

  1. Trust

Have you heard the saying, “Trust is earned and never given?” This quote is true. In your new position, how can you earn the trust from those who work with you? There is a series of recommendations when building trust: taking the blame but giving credit, not playing favorites and displaying competence in your team.

  1. Communication for enhancement

To possess effective communication skills is essential for a new supervisor. In fact, “what” you say is equally important as to “how” you say a message. Have you ever engaged in a conversation with someone and asked yourself, “How can I make this discussion a ‘win-win’ outcome?” Incorporating active listening skills, open body language and adequate feedback, can strengthen the communication process and foster better relations with your new team.

  1. Conflict resolution

Challenges are continuous in this life. Facing conflict can pose significant benefits to the growth of the organization: it builds resiliency and confidence for the future of the organization. Overcome your challenges and prevail to greatness!

You have established the standards, gained the trust of your team, communicated properly and exhibited conflict resolution. Great work! Now, you are on your way to taking the next step to excellence and becoming a great new leader.

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