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The essential skills needed in today's job market

The essential skills needed in today’s job market

February 2, 2017

By Chaze Patrick, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Assistant

In today’s competitive workforce, it is imperative to have the necessary business skill set to flourish. These top skills will help you reach the next level within your career:

Communication – Communication is a powerful tool for personal and/or professional success. Many workplace problems are communication related. Effective communication empowers you to influence others. Your ability to communicate can be indicator of your ability.

Customer service – Support is an integral part of the product and service experience. Customer service can make or break your business’s reputation and as a result, it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Professional image – Your professional image is the image you project in the professional and non-professional environment. Your professional image is a set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of your competence and character, as perceived by your key constituents – colleagues, clients, superiors and subordinates.

Conflict resolution – Conflict management implemented within a business environment usually involves effective communication, problem solving abilities and good negotiating skills to restore the focus to the company’s overall goals.

Dealing with difficult situations – Some customers want to share their feelings and other customers do not want to share. Why is it important to encourage customers to share their feelings when they are upset? If we don’t know they are dissatisfied, we can’t solve their problem. Which could potentially result in a loss of their business.

Problem solving – Problem solving could be defined as the process of taking corrective action in order to meet objectives. It may include mathematical or systematic operations and can be a gauge of an individual’s critical thinking skills.

Teamwork – A team is a group of people formed to achieve a goal. Teams can be temporary or indefinite. With individuals sharing responsibility, the group as a whole can take advantage of all of the collective talent, knowledge and experience of each team member.

Leadership – Leadership is the activity of leading a group of people or an organization. The individuals who are the viewed as leaders in an organization take on the act of inspiring subordinates to perform and engage in achieving a goal.

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