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3 main essentials to communication

Three essentials to the communication cycle

January 23, 2017

By Chaze Patrick, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Assistant

Having adequate communication skills are essential in all areas of life. No matter if you’re a student, teacher or workplace professional; communication is an integral component to having successful relationships.

The sender and receiver are the two main parties in the communication process. This could take form in an in-person conversation, email, literary piece or phone call.

Here are three basic components of the communication process:

  1. Listening – The reflection of content being transmitted and summarized for the information. It is important to not interrupt the sender of the message and be focused on how to respond.
  2. Telling – The action of sharing and providing feedback, perceptions and any additional information. Other ways of telling could include: speaking in support of something, contributing your knowledge and expertise, and expressing your feelings or point of view.
  3. Asking – Prompting questions to gain a better understanding. Examples include: seeking information, inviting speakers to communicate their thoughts, feelings, point of view or demonstrating interest in the speaker’s point of view.

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