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3 secrets to commanding attention from your audience

Three secrets to commanding attention from your audience

October 12, 2017

By Chaze Patrick, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Assistant

Do you ever think to yourself, “How can I craft my message to connect better with my audience?” or “Public speaking terrifies me! I cannot talk in front of people.” Presenting is all about having an established system where you can maximize your message. Whether the purpose is to entertain, educate, persuade or motivate, these three secrets will help you command attention from your audience.

  1. Establish the truth   

People appreciate and respect the truth. When you are forthcoming with the truth, your audience will gain a tremendous amount of trust for what you have to say. There are three types of truth that people connect with: intellectual, emotional and factual. Depending on your audience, provide the best truth to capture them.

  1. Tell me a story

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how the director came up with such a captivating storyline? Storytelling can be applied to essentially any situation. Just as we have learned from our youth, the contents of a story are the setting, plot, characters, conflict and resolution. Incorporate all the elements to build the best story with your presentation.  

  1. Your body speaks

Loosen up and live a little. Your body language is the most important asset you can have when giving a presentation. Here is a tip: Complete some relaxing exercises before you begin. For example, breathe deeply and count to ten or roll your shoulders back and stretch your arms.

The truth shall set you free, tell a story for impact and perform like a dancer. You are now ready to become the next great speaker and command attention from your audience.

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