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3 ways to increase employee engagement

Three ways to increase employee engagement

May 15, 2017

By Chaze Patrick, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Assistant

Do you desire to keep your employees captivated? By keeping your employees engaged, there are significant benefits that can help the company flourish. There are various options, but here are three ways to enhance employee engagement.

Establish an effective communication system

Communication lines between all levels within an organization must be fluent and open. This results in higher profitability, customer ratings and quality. Develop engagement-friendly policies to strengthen communication.

Manage relationships in a beneficial manner

Balance is essential in all areas of life, especially at work. There are numerous work-life balance programs to implement that facilitate wellness, employee development and flexible work arrangements.

Reward those for their hard work

To heighten the motivation levels, try establishing a rewards program to incentivize the act of reaching organizational and strategic goals. Use financial rewards such as bonuses or gift cards. You could also implement non-financial rewards by recognizing your employees when they have reached a goal. “You are doing a great job,” never goes out of style.

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