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What you need to know about golf course etiquette(graphic)

What you need to know about golf course etiquette

May 15, 2017

By Chaze Patrick, Outreach and Engagement Marketing Assistant

Having the appropriate etiquette is important everywhere you go, especially if you are about to head to the golf course this summer. Before you start swinging for a hole-in-one, this is what you need to know about golf course etiquette.

Before you arrive

Find a good caddie to gain some information on yardage, club selection and understanding the layout of the course. A caddie may also provide you with hints on lowering your score. Make sure you give them a substantial tip around 40 to 50 percent of the green fee. Also, ensure that you take some time to review the local rules and check that you have the necessary items in your bag.

On the green

Introduce yourself to other players before you complete the first swing. Ensure that you maintain an adequate pace in-between holes; avoid being the group that plays slow. When you are ready to take a shot, take these steps before you swing: mark your ball, check your lie, select your club, visualize your shot and then play inside of the t-box! More importantly, to avoid being hit, don’t walk in anyone’s lane.

Additional tips

Always reflect suitable sportsmanship. Under no circumstance is it acceptable to yell, scream, throw clubs or make the outing dangerous to yourself and others. At the end of the round, shake hands with your fellow players, congratulate the winners, console the losers and thank everyone for the great game and new friendship!

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