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Five teams advance to APPCOM finals on April 14

At the Eagle Innovation App Competition (APPCOM) semi-finals on March 24, five teams advanced to the final event. APPCOM Finals will be held on Saturday, April 14 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the University of Southern Indiana Griffin Center. This event is free and open to the public.

APPCOM is an application idea competition, designed to solicit the best app ideas from the greater USI community and connect those ideas to teams, mentors and resources to develop and commercialize.

Teams and apps going to finals:

  • APPCOM finalists and ArchieAdder Mobile – Adder Mobile can best be described as advertising meets Uber. Drivers are paid by the mile to attach advertising to their cars and drive in specific areas of town.
  • Adventure Field Guides – Planning an outdoor vacation can be a chore, Adventure Field Guides attempts to make identifying, booking and adjusting an outdoor adventure easier by utilizing artificial intelligence.
  • Borsa Finance – Listening to earnings calls are an important part of any serious investor’s strategy, but these calls are housed in many different places. Borsa Finance is a platform which consolidates earnings calls for publicly traded companies to ease the burden of hunting down this important tool for investors.
  • Brainwaves – Stress is an ever-increasing fact of life for us all. Brainwaves is a unique combination of software and hardware that utilizes information from your brain to find music which reduces stress levels.
  • Emerg-e-Plan – School emergencies are on the rise and Emerg-e-Plan looks to enhance communication before, during and after school emergencies to make our schools and kids safer. Emerg-e-Plan is a communication platform which helps get mission critical information out during an emergency, assist with parent re-unification, and consolidate school emergency plan information in one place.

During the finals round, each team will complete a five-minute pitch with up to 15 minutes of questions and answers from a panel of judges, composed of subject matter experts. There will be representation from local economic development, venture capital and software development experts.

Following the pitches, the judging panel will deliberate and select 1st and 2nd places. Prize money is allocated via 20 percent to the students on the team, since one student is required as a significant contributor per team, 40 percent for work leading up to winning the competition and 40 percent attached to achieving milestones agreed upon following the competition.

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By Delaney Somers, USI Opportunity Development Communications Intern

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