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Jonathan Elfreich: Instructor by day, entrepreneur by night.

Student Spotlight

Jonathan ElfreichJonathan Elfreich, a 2018 graduate of University of Southern Indiana, was very involved during his four years on campus, to say the least.

Elfreich has a bachelor’s degree in economics and a minor in psychology. He is the founder of Patron Blades, a razor business, and won the Eli Lilly Grant, giving him $10,000 to put toward his business endeavors. Elfreich is also the proud winner of Startup Weekend, a competition where groups work together to create a successful startup. His team received free co-working space, consulting work, free web hosting and an appearance on a podcast.

“Without USI Outreach and Engagement, I would not be starting my own business,” Elfreich said.

On top of his successes, Elfreich is also an instructor for several Lifelong Learning courses offered at USI. He has taught Introduction to Economic Thought and Introduction to the Stock Market and currently teaches Using Your iPad and Basics of 3D Modeling.

“Being an instructor for Lifelong Learning is the most enjoyable job I have ever had.”

Before becoming an instructor, he spent some time tutoring other USI students in economics. Elfreich was simply looking for a part time job to earn some extra cash when he applied to become an instructor. He had no idea that this job would turn into a passion. Elfreich was hooked.

Being a Lifelong Learning instructor has impacted him so greatly, he would like to one day become a teacher.

His involvement with Lifelong Learning and Outreach and Engagement has given Elfreich invaluable career skills. Teaching others builds leadership skills and a sense of responsibility knowing they are depending on the instructor to receive an education.

“The joy you get when you see your students learning something new for the first time is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else.”

By Maria Scheller, Outreach and Engagement Content Marketing Assistant

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