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LSAT prep class prepares USI grad for law school

August 22, 2018

Evan Stringfield graduated from University of Southern Indiana in May 2017 with a major in criminal justice studies and a minor in legal studies. He had always been fascinated by the law and was eager to have the opportunity to study it in more depth. After taking a year off from school, Stringfield will be attending Southern Illinois University School of Law in fall 2018.

Evan StringfieldWhile at USI, Stringfield began to revolve his class schedule around primary courts and criminal law.

“After just a short amount of time engaging myself deeply into law, I considered law school, and just like that the application process began,” said Stringfield.

Throughout his college career, Stringfield’s career path has changed drastically. Originally, he planned to become a federal law enforcement officer. Ever since he was young, he dreamed of becoming a police officer and being able to protect society at the closest level possible. Enrolling in law courses his sophomore year sparked a love for criminal law and shifted his career aspirations.

In order to achieve his goal of becoming a defense attorney, Stringfield had to first pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). He knew how important the LSAT was and to make studying a priority, he enrolled in the LSAT Preparation Course offered by USI's Lifelong Learning.

“Preparing for the LSAT on your own is nearly impossible due to the nature of the test.”

Taking this preparation course helped him identify the various types of questions he might encounter during the LSAT and how to properly approach them. Working on sample problems and then reviewing them as a class was most beneficial for Stringfield. This class gave him the opportunity to learn in a classroom setting and helped him focus on nothing but studying for the LSAT.

He is now one step closer to achieving his goal of becoming a criminal defense attorney for a private firm thanks to the Law School Admission Test Preparation Course.


By Maria Scheller, Outreach and Engagement Content Marketing Assistant

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