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USI student accepts internship with Lexus after TCA completion

March 29, 2018

When Kennedy Moore applied for the Technology Commercialization Academy, she knew it would be a great addition to her resume. What she didn’t know, is just how far it would take her.

The junior women’s soccer player and marketing major applied to the Technology Commercialization Academy (TCA) in spring 2016.

“The first time I got denied from TCA, I felt a little disappointed, but I also appreciated that there was good competition for it and that it was a prestigious position,” said Moore. “I was willing to fight and work even harder in order to get in the next year.”

Kennedy re-applied in May 2017 and was accepted! After the spring semester, she began the TCA and continued through mid-July.

Kennedy Moore“I knew it would look good on my resume and help me to grow as a student and in my career path,” Moore said.

TCA is a nationally recognized program designed for USI students to work with local clients who are seeking new ventures or NSWC Crane to commercialize intellectual property.

During the 12-week program, Moore spent the summer working with Autumn Cherry from Boredom Busters for Kids and other regional companies. Boredom Busters is a print catalog that wanted to go mobile. TCA participants worked alongside the company to create a mobile application in just three weeks. Autumn was also able to receive additional ideas of features for iterations of the application.

“Working with someone like Autumn, who was open to all suggestions and ideas made it fun because we could go anywhere creatively,” Moore said.

Beyond the TCA, Moore found the Lexus summer internship position in Orange County, California online and decided to apply knowing they hire around 700 interns for the summer. Lexus flew her out to Orange County for an interview and offered her the position that same day.

“Having TCA on my resume was a great conversation starter. They were really interested in TCA’s programs, the development and role I played in the Boredom Busters for Kids mobile application and our partnership with Crane.”

Moore will spend the summer of 2018 in Orange County, California doing marketing work for Lexus, where they hire 90% of their interns and occasionally go to Disneyland for dinner. Housing and transportation will also be paid for all summer.

“I never imagined it would have landed me a spot with one of the best companies to work for in the world and in an amazing city this summer!”

Battling with rejection and prestigious competition didn’t stop Kennedy from achieving her goals. In fact, she achieved far more beyond her goals.

“I recommended TCA to my whole soccer team, because you get the most out of your experience. TCA welcomes all majors and gives you an opportunity to see different perspectives to things while networking on and off campus.”

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By Delaney Somers, USI Opportunity Development Communications Intern

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