University of Southern Indiana
Lutterman's Grocery at 512 W. Fourth St. in Mt. Vernon, Indiana on its grand opening in 1941. Courtesy of the Posey County Historical Society.

Then and Now: Snapshots of Posey County's Ever-Changing Landscape

"That shop on the corner sold furniture before it was a bank," "before that factory was built it was a cornfield," we all hear stories about the changes in our landscape passed down across generations. Photographs have been used as a tool to communicate change since their invention. Then and Now examines the changes that have taken place throughout Posey County over the last century.

The exhibit can be seen on Historic New Harmony’s guided walking tours throughout our entire 2020 tour season. Tours take place at 1 p.m. daily from the Atheneum July 11-October 31 and weekends only during the months of November and December. 

See a sneak peek of the exhibit:

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